Kadima was featured in...



Click here to listen to Alan talk with C-CRETS podcast hosts, Keith Powell and Ricky Robinson, about his experiences advocating for BIPOC and female employees within tech.


Disruption Interruption

Click here to listen to Alan talk with Disruption Interruption podcast host, Karla Jo, about the start-to-finish walkthrough of how to get hired by any of the giant multinational tech companies.

Shaping Re-Education

Click here to listen to Alan speak with Shaping Re-Education podcast host, Ish Baid, on the journey of building Kadima.



Click here to listen to Alan speak with Carrus.io. podcast host, Misha Yurchenko, on the The Growth Framework and how to overcome bias in the job interview.


Senior Executive

Click here to read Senior Executive’s article “8 Tips to Improve Your Hiring Pipeline for Black Talent”

Blacks in Technology

Click here to read the press release announcing Blacks in Technology & Kadima’s co-sponsored launch of the Career Acceleration Scholarship Program.

The Denver Post: Business

Click here to read Alan’s take on Elon’s rash layoffs at Twitter and the impact on tech professionals in Denver.



Click here to listen as Alan shares one “DEI” thing: increasing diversity in tech workplaces.


Business & Technology of Greater New York

Click here to listen to Alan speak with founder of Ariel Analytics, Stacey Schwarcz.