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Ep 3: SYCK Tricks to Accelerate Your Career with Sr. Talent Advisor Marissa Blake


This episode is jam-packed with SYCK tricks that will help you accelerate your career in an efficient and effective manner. Today on the SYCK Podcast, Alan is asking Sr. Talent Advisor Marissa Blake about her tips and advice for applying and interviewing with your top companies. We go behind the scenes of what the hiring funnel looks like for recruiters and what recruiters are looking for in high quality talent. Marissa also shares her top three tips for how to improve your chances of getting your dream job. Don’t miss out on these SYCK tricks!

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Marissa Blake has 12 years of professional experience across Retail Management, Healthcare Administration, Sales, and HR/Talent. She’s learned firsthand what it takes to pivot careers and loves helping others do the same. She is a Neurodivergent person who proudly accepts that she lives with dyslexia and ADHD. She firmly believes these contribute to her strengths and superpowers. More importantly, it’s motivated her to advocate for equitable and inclusive work and learning environments.

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