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Kadima Founder & Chief XLR8R, Alan Stein

Meet Our Founder

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Alan Stein is a nearly-three-decade leadership veteran of Google (where he won Manager Of The Year), Meta, Salesforce, and American Express. Alan rose from Manager → Director → VP → Global Department Head in 15 years using his GROWTH Framework for career acceleration. He interviewed 2,000+ candidates and hired 200 during his corporate career. When he left his last job at Salesforce, he was earning more than $500,000 per year. Alan is also a graduate of Columbia Business School.

Fully recognizing the advantages his privilege afforded, Alan started Kadima ( “forward” in Hebrew) to give underestimated individuals of all backgrounds the insights to accelerate –– and own –– their careers.

Our clients have received job offers from…

Meet Anyel


Anyel wanted to work at one of the FAANG companies: Facebook (Meta), Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google.

Position Attained:

Strategic Program Manager at Meta

Compensation Boost:



5 months

Career Acceleration Assistance

Kadima currently offers three unique programs to accelerate the careers of people with different time constraints, budgets, and learning styles.

Online Video-Based Learning Modules

Digital Course: Job Acquisition Method

Job Offer Negotiation Services

Job Offer Consulting: Offer Negotiation Service

1:1 Career Acceleration Coaching

1:1 Coaching: Career Accelerator Program

Hear Alan Grill Big Tech Elites & Insiders For All Their Secrets

Our diverse guests discuss obstacles they've encountered, actions they took, and learnings they've gleaned throughout their journey.

SYCK Podcast

It’s time to level the playing field between candidate and company… and we can do it together.

In my post Why You’re Absolutely NOT Underqualified To Work At Google, I promised to share how the hell this first generation college grad got into Google with no tech background (and virtually no contacts.)

When I got into Google, I was surprised when the only thing underlined, bolded, and capitalized (all three) in the entire hiring agreement was At-Will Employment

I think it makes no sense and I loved stirring the pot a little to see how others felt.

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