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Ep 1: Introducing the SYCK Podcast with Alan Stein


Alan Stein is no stranger to the nuances of the job search or switching careers. He is now in his sixth distinct career in recruitment with an emphasis on increasing team diversity, and has had 29 jobs with 21 different companies. On the SYCK (Steer Your Career with Kadima) Podcast, Alan will leverage his experience at companies like Google, American Express, Facebook and Salesforce to help listeners accelerate their careers and land their dream job.

The SYCK podcast will feature conversations with guests who have experienced success, rejection, and failure. Listen in as he shares insight and “syck” tricks on how to network, earn more money, and have a better work-life balance.

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Alan empowers people to confidently land high-paying jobs at the world’s best tech companies. He spent the first chapter of his life building his resume at companies like Google, Facebook (now Meta), Salesforce, and American Express. Alan has achieved his success by employing a growth mindset, persevering through numerous setbacks, and building long-lasting relationships; all sprinkled with a healthy dose of privilege and luck.

Alan’s next chapter is dedicated to his eulogy. He strives to leverage his successes, wisdom, and experience to level the playing field for all candidates and employees.

Inspired by Ibram X. Kendi, David Brooks, Tim Ferriss, Brené Brown, his local synagogue, his amazing wife, and countless friends and family, Alan founded Kadima in July 2020. Kadima, which means “forward” in Hebrew, is on a mission to accelerate 1 million careers.

His mission is to grow and develop people. He is a hiring manager professional with extensive recruiting knowledge through reviewing over 10k resumes, interviewing thousands, hiring hundreds, and promoting dozens. In his 34-year career, Alan has worked for 21 different companies, including Google, Facebook, Salesforce, American Express, UBS, the New York Mets and the Toronto Blue Jays. He has had 35 different bosses, 29 different jobs, and has interviewed more than 2,000 candidates. As a candidate himself, Alan has interviewed thousands of times for hundreds of jobs, receiving dozens of offers.

Born in Long Island to loving parents, Alan was a first-generation college student. He is thankful that his parents were able to support him going to college and graduating without any student debt. After graduating from Binghamton University with honors, Alan got into a prestigious program for a Ph.D. in clinical psychology with a full ride. After a semester, Alan withdrew to make his first career transition into finance. Alan is now on his sixth distinct career and has become an expert on career pivots.

Alan is very appreciative of his upbringing because it has given him a passion for giving back and supporting others as his family, friends, and colleagues did for him. Alan is dedicated to growing and developing people and is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion inside and outside of the workplace.


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