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Ep 9: Pivoting from Financial Services to Big Tech: An Interview with Anyel Albury


I’m very excited to have Anyel Albury as our guest on the SYCK podcast! Anyel is here to share about her 8-month long job search and transition from financial services into a strategy role at Meta (formerly Facebook)! We chat about the importance of employee referrals and what the interview and negotiation phases look like at top companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Salesforce. Don’t miss this peek into what it takes to make the leap into big tech! 

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Anyel Albury is a Growth Leader with experience in a variety of areas from Finance/Sales at a Fortune 100 Company, Management Consultant, and now in Tech.  While she grew up in the Bahamas, today she resides in Austin, TX where she leads global, cross-functional teams, including sales, marketing, data science, and product to build program strategies and drive business growth at Meta (formerly Facebook). She holds an MBA from Wake Forest University and is skilled in leadership, team building, strategic planning, and building collaboration. Her hobbies include trying new restaurants and traveling!

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