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Ep 6: SYCK Tricks to Land a Job at Amazon with Former Bar Raiser Eric Hudson


In today’s episode, I’m joined by Eric Hudson, who used to be an interview bar raiser at Amazon. Amazon is known for being one of the most rigorous interviewers in the tech industry; each interview loop at Amazon includes a calibrated interviewer called a bar raiser, whose role is to ensure that the bar of talent is consistently raised across the company, regardless of team or function. Since he’s no longer at Amazon, Eric is going to share the truth about the tactics Amazon uses, how they calibrate, how they assess talent, and how to negotiate to get the best offer. If you can interview successfully with Amazon, you can interview successfully pretty much anywhere. Tune in to learn how to ace an Amazon interview!

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Eric Hudson is an Executive Coach and Recruiting Leader. In his personal life, he enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures. The pandemic ended that hobby but he’s about to set course for Cancun this month and the EU this summer.

Eric is a big foodie and loves Texas BBQ, steak, and sushi whenever he gets the chance. He’s a big football fan and on a fall weekend it’s hard to get away from the TV. 

Eric really enjoys coaching people and helping them achieve their goals. Watching them land their dream job and income is something that never gets old.

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