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Ep 28: Interviewing in Tech as a Nontraditional Candidate: An Interview with’s Aline Lerner


The two hurdles to finding a job are getting your foot in the door and doing well in the interview to land the job. Today, Alan talks with Aline Lerner who is the founder and CEO of She works with software engineers and other professionals, helping them practice interviews (especially technical), giving feedback, and providing mentorship. In this episode, they discuss the main biases of hiring and how to fight those biases. Tune in to learn about more resources for interview preparation.

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Aline Lerner is the founder and CEO of, an anonymous mock interview & recruiting platform that has helped tens of thousands of engineers practice technical interviewing and land their dream jobs. Before, Aline worked as an engineer, ran hiring at Udacity, and wrote a lot of angry stuff about hiring on the internet. Her data-driven posts about how typos matter more than pedigree, how resumes are a low-signal filtering tool, and how technical interview performance is non-deterministic have been read by millions of people, and her work has been featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, NPR, and more.




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