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Ep 27- SYCK Tricks to Succeed at Google: An Interview with Viktoriya Masand


With more than a decade working at Google, Viktoriya Massand is the perfect person to share her success with others about working at Google. Viktoriya is known for her willingness to roll up her sleeves and get work done with a great attitude. On today’s episode, she recalls her time working with Alan. They discuss promotions, their mutual love for Google, and company reorganizations. Tune in to hear interview tips, ideal candidate qualities, and lessons Viktoriya has learned along the way.

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Viktoriya Masand grew up in Kiev, Ukraine, and came to the US after high school with her family. Viktoriya’s family settled in Indianapolis, IN, where she attended Purdue University and Indiana University Kelley School of Business and worked at Sallie Mae, a financial services company. 

Viktoriya moved to California in 2011 to work at Google where she works with top ChromeOS partners to optimize their applications for Chromebooks. Before moving to ChromeOS, Viktoriya launched and led a global co-sell program for ~200+ technology companies that build their businesses on Google Cloud Platform. Viktoriya loves spending time with her two sons who are the loves of her life. Together, they love to read, color, play and learn!


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