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Ep 26: Self Awareness in Your Career: An Interview with Nirupa Umapathy


Your career doesn’t have to follow a traditional path. In today’s episode, Alan is joined by Nirupa Umapathy who was very successful in corporate life for 14 years. Now, she subscribes to a different work model but continues to invest. She is her own boss and is working for equitable social change by founding Salons For Life. Nirupa recalls her journey, enforces the value of networking, and explains what recruiters are looking for. Tune in as she shares financial and career advice to increase your career happiness.

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Nirupa Umapathy is a writer, investor, and social entrepreneur, who pivoted from a traditional corporate career in financial services to pursue a life-work framework, motivated by mission and equitable social change. Nirupa is a co-founder of a creative learning community called Salons for Life, which designs creative playdates for adults with competing claims on time and headspace. Nirupa writes non-fiction with a focus on exploring trauma, burnout, and post-traumatic growth, especially corporate burnout. Nirupa deploys her financial services background in her private investments, where she is actively leaning into an ESG-based framework. Nirupa was last a Managing Director at Whitebox Advisors and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where she covered institutional investors for fixed income and structured products. As a first-hand witness to the 2008 financial crisis, Nirupa believes that a life-work framework informed by governance and values-driven decision-making is critical and that outcomes must be designed for multiple stakeholders. A forever free spirit, Nirupa funds her joy through travel, community building, and the creative and healing arts.


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