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Ep 24:The Meaning of Mentorship: An Interview with LaToya Jordan


Today, Alan is joined by a corporate champion who has worn many hats, but each hat was focused on bettering people and company culture. LaToya Jordan has used her passion for developing others in roles such as Global Mentoring and Employment Development at Pfizer as well as Director of Talent Management and Diversity at JetBlue Airways. As founder of Lead By Design Lab, she continues to work with huge names. In this episode, she shares the importance of having mentors, how being a black woman impacted her in her role, and insight into corporate performance-rating systems. Listen in as LaToya gives advice on how to accelerate career advancement.

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Named one of Black Enterprise’s 2018 Corporate Diversity Executives, LaToya Jordan has spent over 15 years as a human capital strategist providing business and professional development counsel, executive coaching, training, and workshops to business leaders, employees, students, and community-based organizations. She has worked with leaders and teams in corporate, nonprofit, and university settings including Peloton, Uber, Cigna, TMobile, Mitsubishi, Swiss Re, Michigan State University, Grand Valley State University, NJ LEEP, The Columbus Foundation, United States Postal Service, and the NAACP Brooklyn Branch. Supporting executives in unique, human-centric ways through leadership coaching, team development, and organizational effectiveness is a foundational aspect of LaToya’s work.

Prior to launching her boutique consulting practice in 2019, Lead By Design Lab, she was the Director of Talent Management and Diversity at JetBlue Airways where she developed strategies to support the employee lifecycle including performance management, succession planning, emerging talent programs, and diversity initiatives. Before joining JetBlue, LaToya led global mentoring and employee development at Pfizer, Inc. LaToya is also an adjunct professor at Columbia University teaching team development and Stanford University teaching design thinking. She received her Ph.D. from Columbia University in Social-Organizational Psychology.



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