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Ep 23: Making the Choice to Pivot: From Founder to Startup Executive


On today’s episode, Alan moves away from talking Big Tech to hear from Naama Bloom, who also turned down an offer from Big Tech.  Naama Bloom has spent over two decades as a marketing executive for numerous companies, including founding her own startup. She methodically makes career decisions with a matrix of criteria. Listen in as Naama shares her career journey, how she makes decisions, and advice for others in their careers.

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Naama Bloom is a 20-year marketing executive who has worked at corporations large and small. Over her career, she spent time at American Express, Zulily, and as a founder of HelloFlo, a women’s health company that she built and later sold to She Media. She is currently the CMO of TrueML, a fintech software company dedicated to improving the lives of people in debt.


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