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Ep 22: 17 Years at Google: An Interview with Kara Gabay


Starting with Google 6 weeks before the IPO, Kara Gabay has a wide band of experience and knowledge from the last 17 years at Google. She has recently started her own coaching practice. In this episode, Kara recalls her journey of getting to Google and the moves within the company over the years. Having interviewed many candidates, she shares knowledge on internal vs external interviews, how the process works, and tips for preparing for the meeting. Tune in as Kara shares advice on how to be proactive in your career.

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Kara Gabay has over 25 years of corporate experience, including over 18 years at Google where she primarily ran strategy & operations for various sales orgs. In her most recent role at Google, she focuses on leadership enablement – helping managers become stronger leaders.   In addition to Google, she runs her own coaching practice with a focus on individual coaching, team dynamics, group coaching and 360 assessments. You can learn more about her coaching style at Kara has a BA from SUNY New Paltz.  In 2020, she received her coaching certification from the Hudson Institute of Coaching. She is a Member of ICF (International Coaching Federation) with her ACC (Associate Certified Coach). She lives in the Hudson Valley with her husband, two teenage daughters and their Boston Terrier.


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