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Ep 21 SYCK Tricks for “Multipotentialites”: An Interview with AWS’s Harold Pietri


Determined to receive prestigious job offers from his preferred companies, Harold Pietri was very strategic in the steps he took to get there. Harold finished his undergrad work in Venezuela before moving to the United States to get his MBA. He wasn’t done traveling yet though as he applied to his dream company in Spain to stand out and worked hard to end up back in the states. Now, Harold is an Enterprise Account Executive at Amazon Web Services. In this episode, Harold shares his journey and some strategies he used to get multiple job offers (in multiple fields), and some advice to others working towards their dreams.

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Harold Pietri is currently an Enterprise Account Executive at Amazon Web Services. He recently graduated with his MBA from The University of Rochester’s Simon Business School, where he specialized in Technology Consulting, Strategy & Pricing. He’s owned and operated businesses in e-commerce and retail, and worked as Chief Sales Marketing Officer for a digital marketing agency in LATAM. Harold believes in a breadth of experiences and following your curiosity.



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