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EP. 18 Creating and Evolving at a Start-Up: An Interview with Brittany Williams


I’m excited to have Brittany Williams on our latest edition of Steer Your Career with Kadima (SYCK) podcast! Brittany is a Georgia native and has worked primarily in marketing and advertising helping brands refine their voice and better connect with their targeted audiences. Recently with the help of Kadima, she landed her first job at a tech company! Alan and Brittany talk about how she used informational interviews to build relationships and get hired on at a tech startup. They also discuss how to deal with rejection, being a black woman in tech, and cultural differences of working at a startup versus an older, more established organization.

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Brittany Williams is a Georgia native with a background in English literature. She has worked primarily in marketing and advertising for companies like Delta Air Lines, The Home Depot, VR fitness app Supernatural, and is currently a Web Content Editor at Apple. Brittany would describe herself as a creative problem solver with a hybrid skillset of copywriting, content editing, content strategy, and UX writing. She helps various brands across multiple industries build and refine their voice, style, and tone, and help them better connect with their targeted audiences. She also runs her own freelance writing and editing business, Written Works, LLC, where she provides content strategy, writing and editorial support to small businesses. When she’s not working, Brittany enjoys hiking, hitting a brewery, and being a kid again with fellow improvers. 

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