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Ep 16: Demystifying University Recruiting and Negotiating Your Offer: SYCK Tricks with Paul Bauer


Paul Bauer is on the SYCK Podcast today for our latest edition of SYCK Tricks! Paul is a seasoned recruiter who has connected and hired hundreds, if not thousands, of people while working for companies like Amazon, Expedia, and Salesforce. Paul shares his insider knowledge about what recruiters are looking for and how to differentiate yourself among other candidates. We talk about his current role at GoPuff, best practices for negotiation, and what NOT to say when you reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn.

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Paul is a Seattle-based recruiting manager and founder of RPB Careers LLC. He started career coaching in 2011 and has been recruiting for Fortune 500 companies like Northwestern Mutual, Amazon, Expedia Group and Salesforce since 2014. He earned his Masters in Education from Indiana University, Bloomington and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky.  

Paul enjoys partnering with clients who are in their first 15 years of professional work (out of university or equivalent) and has worked with clients in various sectors. He thoroughly enjoys working with clients who are making a career shift and looking to articulate transferrable skills. Outside of work, Paul enjoys spending time hiking, volunteering and with his friends and family.


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