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EP 14: The Truth Behind Tech: Alan on the C-CRETS Podcast


Earlier this year, I had a great conversation with Keith Powell and Ricky Robinson on their podcast, C-CRETS, and today I want to reshare it with you. I’m a longtime listener of C-CRETS, a career advice podcast for people of color with C-suite ambitions from hosts who’ve been there. We talked about diversity in the technology industry and how my own personal experience advocating for BIPOC and female employees in Big Tech led me to start Kadima. Keith and Ricky share some really important statistics on the current representation levels of BIPOC and female employees within this industry. I also walk through six steps you can take to begin a career in technology.

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Keith Powell

Keith Powell is a Chief Operating Officer in private education with over 20 years of corporate experience in the U.S. and Canada. Most of his career, Keith led global Finance and Operations functions for Fortune 1000 companies in the automotive, chemical, consumer and commercial goods, e-commerce, and smart home industries. 

After getting a taste of the top of Corporate America, Keith joined a start-up private equity firm, took a shot at an e-commerce start-up, and began advising entrepreneurs on start-ups, including working with the family of Golden State Warriors legend, Al Attles, on various philanthropic and business ventures. Keith also has deep roots in philanthropy – sitting on numerous local, state, and national Boards over the past 20 years.

Keith was the “first” or the “only” quite often climbing the corporate ladder. Having mentored and coached hundreds throughout his career, Keith continues to share practical, digestible advice to underrepresented employees as a co-host of C-CRETS, which is a career advice platform offering career coaching services, online courses and topical content through blogs and a podcast. Keith also holds an MBA from the Kelley School of Business in Indiana. 


Ricky Robinson

Ricky Robinson is a 25+ year Human Resources Executive. His career has afforded him leadership roles in Human Resources for some best-in-class global organizations spanning industries from commercial goods, retail, smart home industries and med tech.

Ricky is extremely familiar with being the “Sole Brother” on the Executive Leadership Team quite often challenging diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias issues within Corporate America, as an advocate and sponsor for underrepresented groups. He also advocates for several philanthropic causes with Board service at Attles Center for Excellence (ACE), Ability Now Bay Area and the Mary Valle Foundation.

Having spent his career as a mentor and coach, Ricky continues to share the tips and tricks that help underrepresented employees reach their full potential as a co-host of C-CRETS, which is a career advice platform offering career coaching services, online courses and topical content through blogs and a podcast. Ricky also holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Communications from San Francisco State University. 

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