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Ep 13: The SYCK Truth: Don’t Believe Everything in a Job Description with Jay Cross


Today, I’m talking with the Chief Creative Officer here at Kadima Careers, Jay Cross, about how job descriptions are created at big tech companies and beyond. We are spilling the SYCK truth about the generalized and arbitrary requirements that most job listings have and how women are more likely than men to disqualify themselves based on the description. I’m sharing my best secrets and tips from my time as a hiring manager so you can better understand the process and accelerate your career by applying for jobs even when you might not fit all of the requirements. 

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Jay is an experienced writer, researcher, and marketer who loves asking The Naive Question: “If we weren’t already doing it this way, is this the way we would start?” In the past, Jay was Ramit Sethi’s Senior Direct Response Copywriter at I Will Teach You To Be Rich, as well as the Director of Copywriting at Kettle & Fire, the world’s fastest-growing bone broth company. He also started an information publishing business showing self-motivated college students how to earn a bachelor’s degree in 1 year or less. Jay is currently the Chief Creative Officer at Kadima Careers.


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