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Ep 10: Solving Big Problems as an Independent Contributor: An Interview with Anthony Hernandez


Today’s SYCK Podcast guest, Anthony Hernandez, has 14 years of experience across marketing, sales, and product for companies like Google, Royal Caribbean, and Amazon Prime. Anthony and I talk about how he has navigated changing jobs frequently and honed his skill set to add value to any team. Anthony addresses the age-old question of whether it’s detrimental to your career to job hop, the benefits of mentorship programs, and how introverts can overcome their networking fears. Don’t miss Anthony’s wealth of knowledge about staying motivated in your job search and growing your career.

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Anthony has 14 years of experience across marketing, sales, and product. Most recently he helped launch facial recognition at Royal Caribbean across 8 countries, supported movie and tv studios at Amazon Prime Video, and is now working to improve the buying experience at OpenSea. He is currently enjoying Miami and is excited to help support the next generation of young adults getting into tech! 

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