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Ep 5: Career, Community, and Family: An Interview with Google’s Fabian Elliott


Today on SYCK, I’m interviewing long-time Googler, Fabian Elliott, who has ten years of tech experience and who has leveraged data to further social justice education and change through his company Black Tech Mecca.

He is opening up about his wild ride at Google, his entrepreneurial mindset and learning the balance of work and family.

Fabian speaks about his experience with  diversity at Google and his role in revitalizing Google’s black employee group.

He also speaks to the difficulties and rewards in leading social equity conversations at the height of racial tensions in 2020.

Fabian and I talk about the actions we can take to increase diversity in our own companies and how to grow your professional network in both quantity and quality.

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Fabian Elliott is the past President and Chief Executive Officer of Black Tech Mecca, Inc. and currently a Customer Experience Lead at Google Cloud Africa. Black Tech Mecca helps cities assess racial equity in the local tech sector and surface fresh insights that accelerate measurable growth. BTM developed a proprietary SMART BTE City Assessment Framework consisting of 39 key indicators and 120 metrics spanning K-12, Higher Education, Corporate, and Entrepreneurship pillars which has been deployed in three major cities funded by Google, NBC-Comcast, and the Knight Foundation. In his role at Google Cloud, Fabian helps bring the best of Google Cloud to their largest African customers on their Digital Transformation journeys.

Prior to launching BTM, Fabian led the revamp, revitalization, and rebrand of Google’s black employee group in which he completed his term as inaugural appointed Global Co-Chair back in 2015. In this role, Fabian co-chaired the 10-person leadership team responsible for the 700+ membership across the company and the 14 chapters spanning the globe including London, Dublin, and Sao Paulo.

Fabian is recognized by Builtin Chicago as one of the Top 50 Tech Influencers to follow, 2016 Porsche Power 30 Under 30 in Technology, Chicago Defender 2017 Newsmaker Award – Technology, 2017 Black Enterprise Modern Man 100, and 2019 Museum of Science and Industry Black Creativity Innovator. His work with Black Tech Mecca has been featured in Ebony, Black Enterprise, The Chicago Tribune, Comcast Newsmakers and other media outlets.

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