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Questions About Kadima Careers

How can Kadima help me?

Kadima is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for individuals facing career challenges, ensuring they find the right path towards success. Whether you're feeling dissatisfied with your current job and seeking a fresh start, or have recently experienced a job loss, our wide range of career coaching programs caters to diverse needs and budgets, offering varying levels of personalized support. We are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of the professional world and guiding you towards a fulfilling and prosperous career.

What solutions does Kadima offer?

We provide a comprehensive range of learning solutions tailored to accommodate various learning styles and budgetary preferences. Our offerings encompass private coaching, group coaching, and digital courses, all of which are paid options. However, we firmly believe in inclusivity and strive to extend our resources beyond financial limitations. That's why we are committed to delivering a wealth of complimentary content through multiple channels.

Explore our series of Free Masterclasses & Workshops, designed to equip individuals with valuable insights and practical knowledge. Dive into the world of career advancement with our SYCK Career Podcast, where industry experts share their expertise and experiences. Join our rapidly expanding YouTube Channel, where you'll find an extensive library of educational videos covering various topics. Stay updated with our Career XLR8R Newsletter, delivering curated content directly to your inbox. And don't miss Alan's daily posts on LinkedIn, offering valuable tips and advice.

We firmly believe that learning should be accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstances. By offering a diverse array of free resources, we ensure that everyone can benefit from our expertise and guidance.

What sets Kadima apart from every other coaching program?

Our founder, Alan Stein, established Kadima Careers based on his extensive expertise, insider knowledge, and a sincere commitment to assisting others. With his wealth of experience and proven track record, Alan's methods have consistently yielded success for both himself and his clients. Notably, Alan has personally conducted interviews with 2,000 potential hires at some of the world's most renowned companies. Moreover, he has interviewed at these top-tier organizations and received offers from them.

Alan's educational background includes participation in a highly selective psychology Ph.D. program, enabling him to grasp the intricacies of the human mind. Additionally, he graduated from one of the world's premier MBA schools, where he served as the Vice President of Career Management for his Cluster. During this time, he absorbed invaluable insights and strategies for securing employment.

When it comes to the outcomes of working with Kadima Careers, our clients experience remarkable financial growth, with an average increase of $124,900 in their earnings. Furthermore, they secure new jobs swiftly, typically within an average of 3.56 months.

Alan stands behind all of his solutions with a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee, underscoring his confidence in the effectiveness of his services. You can further explore the quality of his work by reviewing the 47 and counting public recommendations on his LinkedIn profile, which serve as testimonials to his expertise and the positive impact he has had on his clients' careers.

I know someone who needs help. What's the best way for me to explain what you do and connect them with you?

As a Career Accelerator, our founder Alan helps people get better jobs quickly and with more money. He uses proven methods that deliver results. The fastest way to connect with Alan is to reach out via LinkedIn or email us directly at

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Questions About Our Products & Services

Which service is right for me?

The right service will depend on your budget, time commitment, and the way you best need to be supported. If you prefer learning at your own pace and via instructional videos, then the Job Acquisition Digital Course is your best choice. If you prefer individualized coaching and ongoing personal support, then the Job Acquisition Personalized Coaching Program will be right for you. 

What guarantees come with your products?

All of Kadima Careers’ solutions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. We don’t expect that you will need to execute this, but if you feel that you are not getting value within the first 30 days, just ask for your money back and we’ll get it back to you.

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Questions About Our Digital Course

What is the Job Acquisition Course?

The Job Acquisition Course is our proprietary all-in-one digital program we created that's packed with all our best tips, tricks, and tools to help you get more interviews, job offers, and make more money. Once you join, you'll have access to all our online resources like videos, templates and worksheets forever, so you can keep using them even after the program ends.

What happens after I enroll?

You will get immediate lifetime access to our Job Acquisition Digital Course. This comes with nearly 10 hours of video content, scripts, templates, and a limited set of secretly recorded real interviews conducted by Alan. You will also be given instructions on how to join the Acceleration Nation Community on LinkedIn.

How long should it take me to complete the course?

It is a learn-at-your-own-pace course and completion will depend on how urgently you wish to land a job! We find it takes most people less than two weeks to complete all the modules and get up to speed with our system. However, your results might vary based on other personal factors.

What happens after I complete the course?

You have lifetime access to the digital course scripts, templates. You are invited to remain in our Acceleration Nation Community for life. As a valued customer of Kadima, we're excited to offer you exclusive benefits and ongoing support to enhance your learning experience if you wish to upgrade to group or personalized coaching.  

How can I get career related questions answered?

Once you become a Kadima client, you'll get an invite to join our special LinkedIn Acceleration Nation Community. It's a great place to connect with Alan and his team, which includes experienced tech decision-makers like hiring managers and recruiters. They're always around to answer your questions and provide guidance. If you ever need help and don't get a response, just tag Alan and he'll make sure to take care of it. It's a great community of like-minded people who will support each other in their career growth.

If I’ve started with the digital course, but later decide I want personalized coaching, can I switch to a different program?

Definitely! Contact and we’ll work with you to upgrade your plan with a special Kadima client discount rate.

How long do I have access to the course once I purchase it?

You’ll have lifetime access to our digital offerings.

Is the course accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, the course is accessible both through mobile browsers and the Kajabi app (our learning platform).

How much does the digital course cost?

The Job Acquisition Digital Course is available for a one-time payment of $597.

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Questions About Our Group Coaching

What is Group Coaching?

Want to give your career a boost? You'll get all the same great tips, tools, and methods that come with the digital course, but also receive the benefits of group coaching led by Alan. Plus, when you complete the digital course, you'll earn a free one-on-one coaching session with Alan. It's a great opportunity to leverage what you have learned in the digital course and get personalized help to achieve your career goals.

How long should it take me to complete group coaching?

With group coaching you also get access to the digital course. The course is a learn-at-your-own-pace course and completion will depend on how urgently you wish to land a job! We find it takes most people around 3 months to complete all the modules and get up to speed with our system. However, your results might vary based on other personal factors. In addition, with group coaching, you can reinforce your actions and get your questions answered through our fortnightly Group Coaching sessions. 

How much does group coaching cost?

The cost of the group coaching program is $2,497. And like all our products, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Questions About Our Personalized Coaching

What is the Job Acquisition Personalized Coaching?

Our Job Acquisition Personalized Coaching is a one-on-one career coaching program that's tailored to you. You'll get unlimited personal coaching sessions, weekly group coaching, email support whenever you need it, and scheduled phone calls. We'll not only help you get the job, but we'll support you for a full year post-hire to help you onboard successfully, get you on a path to promotion, and make you layoff-proof. With personalized coaching, you'll be on your way to significantly increasing your compensation potential. And, the best part is that you'll have lifetime access to our online resources, like videos, templates, and worksheets, so you can keep using them long after the program is over. 

How long does the personalized coaching program last?

The program designed to last one year after you land your better job. While on average it takes Kadima clients 3.68 months to land a job, the more typical range is 3-6 months. We’ve had some clients that landed a role within weeks and one who took eleven months. No matter how long it takes, we have you covered until you land that better job.  

After the job is secured, your next year of support begins on your start date in your new role. So in total, your time with Kadima will likely be between 15-18 months

Do I need to apply for personalized coaching?

Yes, you do! We keep the number of participants in our program small so that we can give everyone the best support possible. Plus, as part of the program, our team will introduce you to hiring managers and recruiters at top tech companies. So, we want to make sure we're introducing the most qualified and prepared candidates.

What happens after I apply?

We take a look at every application we get and if it seems like you could be a good match for the personalized coaching program, we'll schedule a Free Career Consultation call. We'll ask you more about your career, what you've accomplished so far, any challenges you've faced and give you some recommendations. Not everyone is right for our program, but even if it's not the right fit for you, we'll still make sure you leave our call with some valuable insights. So don't hesitate to apply!

What is expected of coaching clients?

Personalized coaching is a rigorous program to help you land your dream job, place you on a path to promotion, and equip you with tools to layoff proof your career. Each week, we'll ask you to complete assignments to move forward in your job search, like connecting with people in your network, reaching out to current or past employees at companies you're interested in, and applying to a certain number of jobs. You'll also be required to attend your personal coaching sessions throughout the program. We ask that you set aside around 10 hours each week to participate in the program. Here is a video overview of what to expect. 

What behaviors do successful personalized coaching clients exhibit?

Our most successful clients:

  • Have a growth mindset and are eager for feedback
  • Follow our proven system (which we constantly evolve based on feedback and market dynamics)
  • Persevere - you will get rejected, a lot.
  • Motivated to make a change
  • Prioritize ten hours per week to their career acceleration
  • Ask questions when stumped
  • Use our resources (Digital Course, Group Coaching, 1:1 Coaching, Negotiation Services, LinkedIn Community, Interview Database, etc)
What happens after personalized coaching ends?

Even after you finish your program, you'll still have a connection to the Kadima team through our private LinkedIn Acceleration Nation community. Plus, you'll have lifetime access to all our online resources. So you're not just getting a short-term boost, you'll have long-term support and resources to help you continue to reach your career goals.

What guarantees come with personalized coaching?

All of Kadima Careers’ solutions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. We don’t expect that you will need to execute this, but if you feel that you are not getting value within the first 30 days, just ask for your money back and we’ll get it back to you.

How much does personalized coaching cost?

The cost of the personalized coaching program is $9,997. This is made once you are accepted into the program.  (We do offer a payment plan)

Do you have other payment plans?

We offer an alternative payment plan for those who may find it challenging to pay in full. You can opt for a 12-month plan, where you pay $1,000 per month for twelve months, bringing the total amount to $12,000.

Is there any tax incentive or expense deduction to coaching?

Career Coaching and Consulting is often considered a business expense and could possibly be deducted from your income tax. Please consult with your Accountant to find out if you qualify for this deduction.

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Questions About Our Free Products

What is a Workshop?

Our free Workshops are all about giving you valuable insights to help you with your career. Each Workshop is interactive and focused on a specific topic and taught by Alan, the founder of Kadima Careers. These classes are all about straight up, no-nonsense education that you can use to take your career to the next level. 

What is Kadima XLR8R?

It's our weekly newsletter that you can use to help boost your career. It's totally free and packed with helpful advice, tips and all the latest information to help you get ahead. It's a great way to stay on top of what's happening in the job market and to get some valuable insights on how to accelerate your career. Click here to sign up for our free newsletter!

What is the SYCK Career Podcast?

"Steer Your Career with Kadima" is a podcast hosted by Alan Stein, the founder of Kadima Careers. If you're a fan of Alan's no-nonsense approach and his focus on the best ways to boost your career, you'll love listening to his in-depth chats with experts from top companies like Amazon, Google, Salesforce, and more. It's a great way to get some valuable insights and advice on how to take your career to the next level.

Where can I listen to the SYCK Career Podcast?

You can watch or listen to the SYCK Career Podcast on our YouTube Channel or wherever you get your podcasts.

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