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Dear Entrepreneur:

Building a business is freaking hard.

The plan you start out with is rarely the one that works. And even if it is, it usually takes longer and costs more to execute than you thought. 

It’s like Mike Tyson said: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth!”

Many solopreneurs get blindsided by the failure of their business to instantly take off and simply give up. They exhaust their savings, max out their credit cards, or borrow as much as a bank or their family will lend…and the money’s gone before the master plan comes to fruition.

The Failure Rates Of New Businesses

It Ain't Easy
1 %
Of new businesses fail during the first 2 years of being open.
1 %
Of new businesses fail during the first 5 years of being open.
1 %
Of new businesses fail during the first 10 years of being open.
1 %
Of new businesses fail during the first 15 years of being open.

What if you could steer your business through those choppy seas with your dreams intact and on-track?

What if you could land a great remote work job that relieved the financial burden and kept you in the game long enough to correct course and win? 

My name is Alan Stein, and I can help you do exactly that…because it’s how I started MY OWN successful business!

Hired By

American Express

Today, I’m the CEO of Kadima Careers, a company dedicated to helping underestimated, underrepresented, and underpaid talent land jobs at the world’s best companies.

But I’ve only been a full-time solopreneur for a little over a year now –– since the Fall of 2021.

Prior to that, though, I spent nearly 30 years as a successful leader at Google, Meta, Salesforce, Tableau, and American Express. 

I went from Manager, to Director, to Vice-President, to Global Department Head in about 10 years. I even won Google’s Manager of the Year award in 2015.

When I left my last job, I was a Global Director at Salesforce making over half a million dollars a year. Which –– let me tell you –– was invaluable for getting Kadima off the ground.

As a career coach, I more or less started making money the day I hung my shingle online…

But I damn sure wasn’t making enough to support a family of five living in the heart of Brownstone Brooklyn!

I had some “feast or famine” months at the beginning that, in truth, I could not have weathered without the steady paychecks I got from Salesforce.

Even though I was a one-man coach, I had lots of expenses in the form of marketing automation software, web design, video production (to create an online course.)

Not to mention my Executive Assistant’s salary and payments to freelancers I tapped for various projects.

It added up fast, and being able to cover those costs with my paycheck saved my ass more than once.

Plus — since I had a remote-friendly job –– I got to work on my business during company time for at least a few days every week.

Here’s the dual monitor setup I had at home when I was still a corporate employee.

I literally bounced back and forth (like a pinball) between my day job and my new business.

You can’t see it in this picture, but I had one of those detachable webcams, and I just moved it from one screen to the next depending on who I was meeting with –– one of my Salesforce colleagues or one of my coaching clients at Kadima.

Don’t get me wrong: I LOVED when I got to quit Salesforce and go full-time on Kadima…

But this experience taught me that I never had to GIVE UP on building my business.

At worst, I could get a great-paying work-from-home gig to support myself while I pressed on.

And –– even if you don’t want to be an employee long-term –– this could be the financial lifeline that finally makes your business cash flow positive.


If you'd like to learn how to de-risk your business while simultaneously getting access to money and people who can increase the likelihood of your success, I want you to come to my next talk

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It’s free and it’s on Tuesday, October 18th at 12pm EST.

It’s free and it’s on Tuesday, October 18th at 12pm EST.

I’m going to share the same exact system I guide my coaching clients through every single day.

My clients, on average, increase their annual comp by $97,000 in under 6 months with job offers from Amazon, Google, Spotify, Microsoft, and many other great companies. I’m talking about fantastic jobs at brand name companies with killer salaries + stock options.

I’ve broken down the acquisition of these jobs into a replicable, systematic process that works.

Now is your chance to follow that system and infuse your business with serious ongoing capital.

Even if you can’t make it live, sign up anyway and I’ll send you a free replay!



Alan Stein

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