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Ep 99: Rising Above Bias: Advice for Taking Control of Your Career with Richa Bansal


In this episode,  I dive into insightful conversations on career development with Richa Bansal, founder of Pink Careers. We explore powerful strategies to advance your career, from strategic self-promotion to owning your narrative in the workplace.

Discover how to:

Strategically Self-Promote: Learn how to effectively advocate for yourself and leverage your accomplishments without feeling salesy.

Take Control of Your Career: Understand the importance of being proactive and driving your career trajectory.

Navigate Career Transitions: Gain valuable insights into transitioning from the corporate world to entrepreneurship while aligning with your values and goals.

Tune in to gain actionable tips and inspiration to steer your career towards success. Don't miss out – listen now and take charge of your professional journey!


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Richa helps women in male-dominated industries transition to high-impact high-paying careers, without working harder or fearing a bad economy.

As a brown immigrant woman with a decade of experience working with SLB and Amazon, largest F500 companies in the Energy and Tech industry, Richa has seen firsthand the challenges many women face while rising up the corporate ladder.

Richa founded Pinkcareers with the mission to close the gender gap in the C-suite. They have trained over 3000+ women through our ground-breaking leadership programs, workshops, and webinars. Corporate clients include the Government of Canada, CBC, Scotiabank, SAP, 3M, Amazon, HESS, Schlumberger (SLB), and Halliburton, amongst others.

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