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Ep 98: Leadership Lessons From Amazon: An Interview with Former Amazon VP Ethan Evans


In this episode, I am joined by Ethan Evans, a former executive at Amazon who now helps train leaders to become executives. Ethan shares his experience at Amazon and his focus on developing people's careers. Ethan also discusses his insights on managing up and managing down, the importance of building relationships with leaders, and the balance between focusing on team needs and leader needs. And most importantly, he spills some powerful tips that candidates can use to get better results in interviews.

Tune in now to gain valuable lessons and insights from former Amazon exec Ethan Evans!


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In Ethan's 15+ years at Amazon, he led global teams of 800+ and invented well-known businesses and products such as Prime Video, Amazon Video, Amazon Appstore, Merch by Amazon, Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime), and Twitch Commerce.

  • Reviewed 10,000+ resumes and conducted 2,500+ interviews.
  • Hold 70+ patents.
  • Helped advocate for and draft the Amazon Leadership Principle (LP) "Ownership" - the words, "They never say 'that's not my job'" are Ethan's.

Ethan has promoted 8 reports from Senior Manager (Amazon L7) to Director (Amazon L8), contributed to 25+ Director promotions, hired 10+ Directors internally and externally, drove the promotion of 3 engineers to Principal, and of my former reports 2 are current Amazon VPs (L10) and 5 are C-Suite outside of Amazon.

Ethan retired from Amazon as a Vice President in September 2020 to focus on paying forward his good fortune to others. Prior to Amazon, Ethan spent 12 years at 3 startups.

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