The SYCK Career Podcast

Ep 89: Overcoming Mental Hurdles During Your Job Search: An Interview with Jessica Sweet


In this episode, Alan is joined by career therapist and coach Jessica Sweet. They discuss the role of mindset in career success, common mental obstacles like imposter syndrome, and strategies for overcoming them. Jessica also shares her proven strategies, offering invaluable insights into networking and brand alignment.

Prepare to reshape your career mindset and embark on a transformative journey with actionable insights and expert advice. Tune in now!

In This Episode:

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 03:53 - Jessica's story of becoming a career coach
  • 05:31 - Factors beyond titles and paycheck
  • 11:16 - Common mental obstacles and limiting beliefs
  • 14:21 - Understanding Imposter's Syndrome
  • 17:48 - Dealing with burnout and work trauma
  • 21:27 - Career Tactics: Brand Alignment, Networking, and Interviewing
  • 24:22 - How Jessica helps her clients identify companies to work for
  • 32:55 - Jessica's last piece of SYCK advice

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Jessica Sweet is the founder of Wishingwell Coaching and is an experienced, certified and award-winning career coach, an interview coach and a Harvard teaching hospital trained therapist. She coaches midlife leaders to help them find career happiness. 

She has worked with clients all over the world, and her career advice appears in, CNBC, Business Insider,, FastCompany and more. You can find her at

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