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Ep 87: What Happens When You Apply To 250 Roles Via The ATS?


In this podcast episode, Shikhar Satchdev shares insights from his extensive job search experiment, where he went through the 250 application processes to get a deeper understanding of the job search. 

As a philosophy graduate who shifted to an entirely different industry, Shikhar discusses strategies for standing out, including value-added presentations and cold emailing. The conversation also touched on the benefits of an efficient application process and combining different job search approaches. 

Listen to the full episode for a deep dive into Shikhar's job search experiment and gain valuable tips you can apply to your job search to get a better chance at landing your next job. Tune in now!

In This Episode:

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 04:20 - Motivation for the experiment
  • 08:18 - Success rate of the experiment
  • 10:20 - How Shikhar got his jobs
  • 16:44 - Being proactive with your search as a young professional
  • 19:52 - Reaching out to companies and individuals
  • 22:21 - What makes a good cold email?
  • 25:54 - How to track down people’s emails
  • 27:08 - Kadima’s approach to job search
  • 29:00 - Combining job search approaches
  • 32:29 - Expediting the job application process
  • 35:25 - What would Shikhar do differently in his next job search
  • 39:24 - Last piece of advice to listeners

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Shikhar Sachdev is a Solutions Engineer and writer passionate about technology & careers. He writes articles on his website

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