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Ep 82: Overcoming Adversity and Building A Strong Personal Brand: An Interview with Sibil Patri


In this episode, I welcome Sibil Sebastian Patri, who has had a prolific career in top financial companies and is a certified Chartered Financial Analyst. Our conversation centers around Sibil's professional journey, the challenges she faced as a woman of color, and the importance of personal branding. 

Sibil also shares her experiences of bias and corporate injustices while climbing the corporate ladder, which ultimately led to her decision to launch her own business, In Pursuit Collective. 

Tune in to this inspiring conversation with Sibil, as she takes us through her experiences navigating corporate hurdles and her decision to forge her own path. Listen to this episode now!

In This Episode:

  • [03:21] Understanding CFA and CAIA certifications
  • [05:23] Challenging the status quo
  • [08:03] The fallacy of meritocracy
  • [10:38] The reality of corporate culture
  • [17:09] The importance of personal branding
  • [21:30] Sibil's decision to pivot her career
  • [31:36] Sibil's mentors and advocates that shaped her personality
  • [33:59] Last SYCK advice from Sibil


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Sibil Sebastian Patri is the founder and CEO of In Pursuit Collective. Her work focuses on impact-driven coaching, speaking, and collaborating. Prior to founding In Pursuit, Sibil spent 20 years as an award-winning financial services corporate strategy executive. 

Sibil has executive committee, corporate board and institutional client facing experience. As the inaugural podcast host of “My Charter Story” for the CFA Institute, she uses her voice to uncover stories of diverse charter holders around the globe. 

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