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Ep 81: Balancing Single Motherhood and a Successful Sales Career: An Interview with Kat Scudder


In this episode, I am joined by Kat Scudder, a sales executive and currently the VP of Ad Sales for Nexstar Media Group, and we dive deep into her remarkable career path, where she worked her way up the ladder as a single mother and thrived in the fiercely competitive world of sales.

We explore proven techniques to elevate your sales skills and uncover the surprising parallels between successful sales strategies and the job search process. Kat also sheds light on the essential art of self-marketing for job seekers. Kat also graciously provides her valuable recommendations for books and newsletters, offering listeners essential resources to enhance their sales abilities and accelerate their career.

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In This Episode:

  • [04:00] Kat’s interest that brought her into the sales industry
  • [06:05] Tips on how to become a better salesperson
  • [09:54] Newsletter recommendations
  • [12:55] How motherhood impacted Kat’s career
  • [19:41] The similarities between job search and sales
  • [22:50] Balancing fit and diversity
  • [25:10] Selling your services as a professional vs. selling ads
  • [31:00] A job is a problem solver
  • [33:23] Book recommendations from Kat


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Kat Scudder is a results-driven sales executive with experience in all aspects of media with an emphasis on broadcast TV, streaming, digital, out-of-home, marketing, and new business development. In her current role she serves as the VP, Ad Sales for the Nexstar National Team. Nexstar is the largest local broadcast group in the United States. Prior to joining Nexstar she was the Director of Sales for the Western Region at The Walt Disney Company. 

Throughout her career she has held a variety of roles with increasing levels of responsibility at both Disney/ABC and Comcast/NBC. Kat currently sits on the board of Inclusion Matters, a non-profit dedicated to creating equitable play spaces and educational programs to eliminate bias for children with disabilities. She lives in Los Angeles, is a graduate of Northwestern University, and is the proud parent of two amazing humans and one feisty dog.

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