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Ep 79: Accelerating Your Career In Partnerships & Biz Dev - A Conversation with Scott Pollack


In this episode, I sit down with Scott Pollack, the co-founder and CEO of Firneo, to discuss the world of business development and partnerships. They explore the evolving nomenclature of these roles and how they can differ from company to company. Scott provides insights into the core skills needed to excel in BD and partnerships, emphasizing the importance of building strong relationships and networks in these fields.

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In This Episode:

  • [04:09] Scott’s background and the reason behind the launch Ferneo
  • [06:49] How getting education at a prestigious school impacted the trajectory of Scott’s career
  • [15:10] Balancing entrepreneurial and corporate careers 
  • [20:00] Finding the minimum viable product in Scott’s entrepreneurial ventures
  • [23:05] Scott’s take on title inflation from working in a startup
  • [25:24] Difference between leadership styles of Adam Neumann and Kenneth Chenault
  • [28:00] Insights from the CEOs Scott has worked with that he brought to his company
  • [30:40] Core skills to succeed in Business Development and Partnerships
  • [33:27] The evolution of careers throughout the years
  • [37:52] The importance of relationships and professional network in BD and Partnership role
  • [41:18] Scott’s last piece of advice to the listeners


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Scott Pollack is the co-founder & CEO of Firneo, a learning community for the next generation of Partnerships, Ecosystems, and Business Development leaders. Scott has spent 20 years as a partnerships & BD leader at startups and large companies like American Express, Dow Chemical, and WeWork. He has been teaching courses about partnerships & BD since 2011, and is the best-selling author of What, Exactly, Is Business Development? A Primer on Getting Deals Done.

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