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Ep 78: Journey to Well-being Alan’s Career Evolution Amid Mental Health Challenges


In a world where the relentless pursuit of success typically commands the spotlight, it's crucial to shine a light on something equally vital: our mental well-being. Maintaining the right mental state and overall health can profoundly influence not only your career but also your personal relationships. Therefore, it's important to place an emphasis on prioritizing your mental health.

In this episode, I’ll take you through my career journey, revealing pivotal moments where prioritizing my mental health made all the difference. From the early days of climbing the corporate ladder to the unpredictable twists and turns of career growth, I share relatable stories that illustrate the profound impact of protecting your mental health.

Tune in to gain valuable insights into the practical steps you can take to protect your mental health on your own career path. Learn why it's not just a personal victory but a fundamental element for professional growth.

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Alan Stein has hired hundreds of talented people while working at Salesforce, Meta, American Express, and Google (where he won Manager of the Year). He has seen first-hand that career acceleration is a learnable skill and now he is sharing the exact method to achieve your career goals efficiently. 

He helps anyone with the ambition to accelerate their career path and achieve their aspirations. But he is most passionate about closing pay gaps and helping overcome systemic bias for underrepresented, underestimated, and underpaid people. Essentially, he wants to level the playing field.

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