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Ep 74: Win the Hiring Surge Race: Strategies for Job Seeker Success


Since many Hiring Managers take vacations during the summer, hiring slows down during these summer months. But don't be misled into thinking that you should abandon your job search during the summer lull. Even when it feels like everyone's on vacation and companies are slow to respond, it's crucial to stay engaged. As I've consistently advised, keep your focus sharp, maintain your momentum, and stick to the process, even if you get ignored, ghosted, or rejected.

This dedication will prepare you for the September Surge, a period of heightened recruitment and hiring activities. In this episode, we'll dive deep into the concept of the September hiring surge and its implications for your job search in the upcoming months. Discover how this phenomenon can impact your chances of landing your dream job, and most importantly, learn how to stay persistent and maintain your consistency throughout your job search journey.

If you've ever felt hopeless during your job search or doubted the effectiveness of your efforts, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now!

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Alan Stein has hired hundreds of talented people while working at Salesforce, Meta, American Express, and Google (where he won Manager of the Year). He has seen first-hand that career acceleration is a learnable skill and now he is sharing the exact method to achieve your career goals efficiently. 

He helps anyone with the ambition to accelerate their career path and achieve their aspirations. But he is most passionate about closing pay gaps and helping overcome systemic bias for underrepresented, underestimated, and underpaid people. Essentially, he wants to level the playing field.

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