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Ep 73: Breaking Barriers: Sharon Lorber’s Tale of Career Reinvention


Have you ever thought it's too late for a career change? Think again. My Mom navigated a myriad of jobs, striving to secure our family's finances. Then, at the age of 43, she decided to pivot her career in a direction that truly fulfilled her. She went back to school and earned both a college and Master's degree in order to transition into a fulfilling career.

In this episode, we will get more personal, as the driving force behind my own pursuit of success, my Mom, Sharon Lorber joins us today to talk about her unconventional path to career success. She also shares the invaluable lessons and wisdom that guided her through this unconventional path – wisdom that has not only transformed her life but has also had a profound impact on me.

Tune in to this special episode and discover how my mom shattered barriers and reinvented her life and her career. 

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Alan Stein has hired hundreds of talented people while working at Salesforce, Meta, American Express, and Google (where he won Manager of the Year). He has seen first-hand that career acceleration is a learnable skill and now he is sharing the exact method to achieve your career goals efficiently. 

He helps anyone with the ambition to accelerate their career path and achieve their aspirations. But he is most passionate about closing pay gaps and helping overcome systemic bias for underrepresented, underestimated, and underpaid people. Essentially, he wants to level the playing field.

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