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Ep 72: Empowering Ambitious Professionals: Kadima's Journey to Accelerating Careers


After spending over two decades at tech powerhouses like Google, Meta, and Salesforce, my understanding of recruitment and the hiring process has evolved dramatically. These experiences have not only widened my perspective but also exposed the personal struggles job seekers face and the unfortunate lack of empathy exhibited by certain companies. My professional journey ignited an unwavering passion to support ambitious professionals in securing great jobs and this very drive led to the inception of Kadima Careers.

In this episode, I hand over the mic to Mary Reilly, Kadima’s External Communications and PR Manager. We discuss how Kadima came to be, the core mission driving our efforts, and our systematic approach to guiding clients toward exceptional job opportunities. Our conversation also spans pivotal job search topics, including debunking myths, leveraging the power of referrals and networking, the significance of post-graduate education, and much more.

Are you ready to reshape your job search and career aspirations? Tune in to gain valuable insights that could redefine your professional path. Listen to the full episode now!

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Mary, an MBA graduate of Columbia Business School, is currently Kadima Careers’ Manager of External Communications & PR. She has over 30 years’ experience in marketing and PR at both large corporations, startups, agencies, and as a freelance consultant/writer–primarily in high tech, and information and purpose-driven industries. In addition, she has been an entrepreneur herself in the hospitality industry as a former restaurateur, event planner, and caterer.

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