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Ep 68: Stand Out in the Job Market: Expert Strategies for Building a Strong Pipeline and Crafting a Compelling Value Proposition


A common challenge for job seekers, whether they have years of experience under their belt or just getting started is how to get in front of companies and market themselves in a compelling way, wherein they will be viewed as an asset as opposed to a risk. This stems from the fact that many professionals are only trained to do the job, but may lack guidance on other aspects such as effective communication, network building, and mental preparation. 

In this episode, I am joined by Bob Goodwin, the CEO of Career Club, and we dive deep into the other important side of the job acquisition process–networking, building a robust pipeline of leads, creating an irresistible value proposition, and practicing mental resilience. We also touched on how to navigate informational interviews and how to use this to successfully pivot to another industry.

If you’re struggling in dealing with rejections and gaining confidence in your job search, this is an episode that you shouldn’t miss. Tune in now to find out how to effectively conduct your job search and stand out against the competition!

In this episode:

  • [02:41] How Bob jumped from working in sales to establishing Career Club
  • [06:28] Informational interviews vs. networking calls
  • [12:05] The importance of preparation in interviews 
  • [15:43] How many companies should be in a candidate’s timeline?
  • [21:05] The role of networking in a successful career pivot
  • [23:18] Leveraging LinkedIn to activate your network and inform you’re open to work
  • [28:21] Using the concept of KEEL in your job search
  • [33:45] Bob’s last piece of advice to the listeners

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Bob Goodwin is the Founder of Career Club, a unique service that uses proven sales and marketing methods to help clients land a career that matters to them. The inspiration for Career Club was born from his experience leading the client engagements for global brands like Coca-Cola, Samsung, and P&G. He saw the opportunity to bring marketing principles, coupled with sales disciplines, to conduct much more effective job search campaigns. 

Most recently, Career Club has launched NextPlacement™, an innovation in the outplacement arena that provides mental health support, emotional intelligence coaching, and deep community to employees who have been affected by a layoff. Bob is also the host of a popular podcast called Career Club Live and is based in Cincinnati. 

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