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Ep 61: Challenging the Status Quo: Unmasking Biases and Fostering Inclusivity in the Workplace


As we witness the rise of global movements advocating for diversity and inclusion, and with major companies stepping up to demonstrate their commitment to various causes, one question begs to be answered: Have these organizations truly transformed their treatment of the underrepresented groups? 

In this episode, Alan sits down with Mita Mallick, a renowned advocate for diversity and inclusion, to discuss how underrepresented groups navigate their careers, the challenges they face in the process, and how they overcome them. They also touched on the existing biases within companies and the importance of creating fair and equitable processes to ensure that biases don’t play a role in hiring and promotion. 

Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation that will broaden your perspective and empower you to advocate for a more inclusive workplace. Listen to the episode now!

In This Episode:

  • [04:50] How Mita developed her passion for the DEI space
  • [10:12] What companies advocate for vs. what they actually doing
  • [16:05] The challenges that Mita faced as a part of the underrepresented group and how she overcame them
  • [19:33] Does meritocracy exist in the workplace?
  • [22:56] Steps in navigating the biases in the workplace
  • [28:42] Sneak peek of Mita’s upcoming book
  • [31:44] Mita’s SYCK advice to the audience


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Mita Mallick is a corporate change-maker with a track record of transforming businesses. She gives innovative ideas a voice and serves customers and communities with purpose. She has had an extensive career as a marketer in the beauty and consumer product goods space, being a fierce advocate of including and representing Black and Brown communities. 

Her passion for inclusive storytelling led her to become a Chief Diversity Officer, to build end-to-end inclusion ecosystems across big and small organizations. Mallick has brought her talent and expertise to companies like Carta, Unilever, Pfizer, AVON, Johnson & Johnson, and more.

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