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Ep 60: Take Control of Your Career with Jenny Wood


In both your career and life, there's often a choice: leave things up to chance or take on a challenging endeavor against the odds because you genuinely believe in your abilities. Which path do you tend to lean towards? The decisions we make in uncertain and difficult situations have a significant impact on our journeys. This choice—whether to surrender control or courageously face challenges—reflects our character and resilience.

In this episode, Jenny Wood, Founder, Google’s Own Your Career Program, joins me in an insightful discussion where we talked about career development and climbing up the ladder in the corporate scene. We dive into our personal experiences in job search and reorgs, sharing how we dealt with the adversity that came with it, and how to find opportunities for growth even in the most challenging situations.

Tune in and find out how you can continue to find growth and take control of your career in this thought-provoking episode now! 

In This Episode:

  • [3:54] How the Own Your Career Program was created
  • [6:15] Job search tips from Jenny’s 15 bullet dock
  • [8:34] The power of the pause
  • [13:33] How to thrive not just survive a reorg
  • [18:36] Striving for growth when situations are not favorable to you
  • [26:19] Jenny’s personal story of how she did not let the universe dictate her future
  • [32:50] One last piece of SYCK advice


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Jenny Wood has grown from entry-level to an executive role at Google over her 16 years with the company, and she leads a large technical team that touches tens of billions of revenue per year. In 2021, she started a passion project within Google called Own Your Career.

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