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Ep 54: What Are WARN Notices and Why Do They Matter?


In today's turbulent economic climate, layoffs have become an unfortunate reality. Employees across various industries are anxious about their job security as many companies are considering cost-cutting measures. However, what many professionals are not aware of is that companies that intend to lay off a substantial number of workers must comply with the WARN Act, which mandates the filing of WARN notices. These notices provide crucial information to affected employees, notifying them of their imminent job loss in advance. 

In this episode of the SYCK Career Podcast, I have the pleasure of hosting two esteemed guests, Steven Zhang and Chris Talley, who have spearheaded the creation of the groundbreaking WARNTracker, a powerful tool that provides real-time information regarding layoffs happening around the country. 

Join us in this episode as we uncover the critical role that the WARNTracker has played and continues to play in providing timely and accurate information to workers in these uncertain times.

In This Episode:

  • [05:37] What is WARN?
  • [09:15] How employees can use the WARN notices
  • [14:16] The story behind Steven’s post about Google layoffs that went viral on LinkedIn
  • [22:21] Common information on reports that determine trends across industries.
  • [26:41] The ratio of managers to individual contributors (IC) being laid off
  • [30:36] The observed layoffs trends occurring over the course of time
  • [37:58] The difference in the lived experiences and challenges of minorities.
  • [39:15] Changes employees are making after being aware of WARN notices
  • [42:09] Steven and Chris’ SYCK advice to the listeners


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Steven runs ClimateTechList, a company directory, job board, and resource for software engineers looking to work in climate. Previously he worked at Airtable and Tableau as an early software engineer. Steven writes about tech, layoffs, career search, low code, and climate tech on LinkedIn, and has gone viral a few times there—which is how the project started!

Chris is a software engineer of 10 years and has worked at Salesforce, Facebook, Airbnb, and Airtable. He also is very passionate about real estate and is a strong advocate for the importance of pursuing side projects. He runs a website where he builds calculators for real estate investors ( and is the co-creator of WARNTracker.

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