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Ep 53: Unspoken Rules and Essential Skills for Effective Leadership with Dr. Monique Dawkins


In the world of leadership, technical skills like budgeting and resource allocation are often emphasized, but what about the essential, less tangible skills that are crucial to navigating complex situations? These skills are often overlooked and can be challenging for leaders to know where to turn for guidance.

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Monique Dawkins, where we discuss our experiences and insights on leadership roles and touch on the unspoken/unwritten rules of being a leader. From the experience of being unwanted by a team, Monique connects the rules she discussed in her upcoming book “You Know Best”, which helped her assess situations and weigh crucial decisions for her career. Moreover, we dig deeper into the importance of personal branding and how it is vital to the longevity of one’s professional career. 

If you’re an aspiring or a seasoned leader, you don’t want to miss out on this insightful episode. Tune in now to learn the necessary skills in becoming a dependable and amazing leader! 

In This Episode:

  • [05:54] Monique’s experience being unwanted in a role
  • [13:50] Loyalty as a criteria for staying or leaving a job
  • [18:03] Monique and Alan’s take on the two-year rule
  • [24:26] Rules from Monique’s book that can help professionals get back on track
  • [31:49] Turning down a job offer
  • [34:45] Creating a work-life balance for your well-being
  • [37:58] The difference in the lived experiences and challenges of minorities
  • [41:27] Monique’s SYCK advice to the listeners


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Dr. Monique Dawkins is the founder of Better Equipped Solutions, a coaching, corporate training, and leadership development consulting firm.  She is a learning and organizational development leader and has twenty years of experience leading operations in various roles and currently focuses on optimizing workplace learning. She has always been passionate about helping people learn to get unstuck and become better equipped to respond to everyday challenges in an authentic way. She strives to empower individuals in a supportive environment and has helped many people accomplish their short- and long-term goals.

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