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Ep 52: How to Find Opportunities to Acquire Career Sponsors with Andrea Henderson


For women and people of color, climbing the ranks can be a steep uphill battle due to systemic inequality and lack of access to resources. While it is true that excelling at your job might lead to a promotion, most of the time, being great at your job is not enough. To have promotional opportunities you must also have advocates, otherwise known as sponsors, that will champion these opportunities on your behalf. 

In this episode, Andrea Henderson, a veteran in the talent acquisition space, joins me to share the impact of acquiring sponsors throughout her career, the power of networking, and how she identified and leveraged opportunities available through her connections. We also discussed the lesser-known details about talent acquisition such as recruitment processes, measuring candidate experience, recruiter incentives, and so much more. 

Tune in to this episode today to start gaining more opportunities to get promoted and build a successful corporate career! 

In This Episode:

  • [02:39] The importance of building a strong network, specifically for underrepresented talents
  • [03:37] What sponsorship is and how to acquire it
  • [11:16] How Andrea identifies board opportunities
  • [15:31] Goals and incentives of internal recruiters vs. external recruiters
  • [19:12] How to measure candidate experience
  • [25:23] What candidates that standout do in their interviews
  • [30:04] Is the way job descriptions are being written lead to a biased recruiting process?
  • [38:00] Andrea’s SYCK advice for the listener


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Andrea Henderson is a Director of Partner Solutions & Executive Search at Humanity Health, ( where she is responsible for executive and board of director searches in the healthcare and life sciences industries.  She is the Chair of the Membership Committee for the Atlanta chapter of the Private Directors Association ( and is certified in Private Company Board Governance.  Andrea has over 20 years of experience as an international Human Resources/Talent Professional and is an expert at developing strategies around identifying and cultivating diverse talent for executive-level and board of director roles.

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