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Ep 49: Career Advice from Google’s Nadia Carta: Spark Your Zeal For Life


As many of you know, I am passionate about leveling the playing field for underestimated talent and want to accelerate 1 million careers by 2040. Because of this passion, I offer a lot of free resources and tools to help you gain the confidence you need to Own Your Career™.

In this episode of the SYCK podcast, Nadia Carta shares how she manages to excel in both her corporate career at Google and as a successful executive coach. She dives into how you can focus on controllable variables in their career and avoid getting bogged down by setbacks that are out of your control.

Find out how Nadia found the courage to pursue an untraditional path and make a name for herself in both the corporate world and entrepreneurial community. Join us for this inspiring episode of the SYCK Podcast - tune in now!

In This Episode:

  • [04:02] Nadia shares how she manages her career at Google and her coaching practice. 
  • [11:27] Nadia’s perspective on the massive layoffs at Google
  • [21:27] Advice on how to proactively take control of your career
  • [26:57] How Nadia found her way back to spirituality 
  • [29:40] Nadia’s personal metrics of success amidst the pressures surrounding her career.
  • [37:05] SYCK advice for the Acceleration Nation


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Nadia is Google’s Head of Industry in the US. She is responsible for driving sales strategy & business development for data & tech services with WPP agencies. Since joining Google in 2009, Nadia has led transformative multicultural global programs focused on designing and launching new products & sales strategies across US and EMEA.

Nadia is a successful executive coach, TedX and motivational event speaker, mentor and sponsor for underrepresented groups and young talents. Passionate about leadership, with Jeff Lakusta she created 99 Humans: a multimedia platform centered on humanizing leadership across industries.

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