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Ep 42: Turning Lemons To Lemonade: How Ex-Salesforce Director Hady Mendez Is Owning Her Career


Hady Mendez, previously a Director of Equality for Salesforce (Slack business unit), joins Alan Stein to discuss the recent wave of layoffs. Hady shares her personal story of how she was able to get back on her feet after receiving the news of her layoff. 
This episode also dives into a discussion on how to build resilience when dealing with challenging situations, offering invaluable advice to anyone looking to make a career change or better manage their professional lives. 
Tune in now to learn how to navigate through layoffs with confidence.

In This Episode:

  • [02:32] Hady shares how she got laid off from Salesforce.
  • [06:43] Your layoff is not always about your performance.
  • [08:06] Hady’s mindset, process, and next steps after the layoff became official.
  • [13:14] How Hady is preparing herself to land a better opportunity.
  • [14:18] How Hady’s diverse network helped her in the job search process.
  • [22:40] Diversity in Salesforce’s workforce
  • [33:44] Advice to people who were laid off

Key Takeaways:



Equality for a major tech firm, held multiple customer-facing roles in high tech and financial services, served as a leader across various Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), volunteered as an international champion for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women, and served as Community School Director at an elementary school in the South Bronx.

Hady’s academic credentials include a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from Manhattan College, plus graduate certificates in eBusiness and eCommerce from NYU and NJIT, respectively. She also holds a Family Development Credential from the University of Connecticut. Hady’s additional advocacy work has her serving as a member of the NY Advisory Board at Room to Grow, a nonprofit organization based in the South Bronx. Hady also serves on the Board of Pan Peru USA, an organization whose mission is to empower low income women in rural Peru. Hady is a founding member of nFormation, a welcoming community by women of color for women of color. In her free time, Hady is an amateur street art photographer and an avid podcast listener.

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