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Ep 40: Achieving Your Higher Purpose : A Conversation with Carolina Lasso



Carolina Lasso is originally from Columbia, Bogata, South America.  She advanced through mega companies like American Express and Google and discovered that those positions did not give her joy. Carolina is passionate about self-help, self-development, meditation, and mindfulness and so Carolina searched for principles to live by and has written a book, The Path to Flourishing. The discussion today applies to anyone who has a job, wants an advancement in their career, or is discouraged about life. These are principles that anyone can cultivate.  Carolina’s life changed, and she wants to share these principles with the world. 

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Carolina Lasso is the Marketing Director at SIY Global, author of the Amazon bestseller The Path to Flourishing: Seven Principles for a Joyful, Fulfilling, and Purposeful Life, and the creator of the Spanish language personal development platform, Plenitud. Passionate about creating practical tools to help organizations and individuals flourish, Carolina combines her business background with her passion for personal development as a teacher, marketer, and consultant. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business from the University of Maryland, an MBA from New York University, and has worked at Google, American Express, and Telemundo. Carolina is a certified Search Inside Yourself teacher, mindfulness facilitator, and marketing instructor. She enjoys oil painting, Latin dancing, spending time with her family in her native Colombia, and discovering new places around the world.

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