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Ep 38 : From the Armed Forces to Salesforce: A Conversation with ESG Director Jared Crain



Jared Crain retired from a brilliant 20-year military career and then hit the “Unemployed Wall.” after leaving the military.  Rather than accept defeat, he blazed a trail of gathering the tools he needed to get into the civilian workforce. In his new role as Director of Workforce Development at Salesforce, he assists service members in communicating with employers to obtain the position they seek.  Today Jared tells how the culture of the military and the mindset of service members are the polar opposite of what corporate America is recruiting.  He doesn’t stop there, though.  He shares how to overcome roadblocks to a civilian job.

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Helping individuals and organizations reach their optimal level of performance, and I truly love helping leaders and teams recognize where their issues lie and what steps they can take to get to where they want to go. I believe that service to others is the greatest calling, and that seeing the success of those you’ve aided is the best reward possible.

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