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Ep 32: How to take control of your career: An interview with talent strategist Tori Stevens


Tori Stevens, the founder of EvolYOUtion, helps clients step into their power to go after their careers. She gives tips about building relationships with those who can help you in the future. In today’s episode, she talks about creating a life of intention and finding a job with the end goal in mind. Tune in today to learn how to create a legacy and take control of your situation. 

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Tori Stevens is someone people either love or don’t know what to do with. That is because she will hold up the mirror to your life and help you learn how to ask the hard questions about what is happening internally to get your authentic self to show up externally. Tori won’t change your life because that is on each of us as individuals. What she will do is give you the intangible tools to ensure that tangible results show up in your career and life. Tori builds self-awareness and self-trust in others through her company evolYOUtion where she coaches individuals, consults teams, speaks at conferences, and hosts her own podcast. The entrepreneurial spirit has always been core to Tori, but she didn’t take the full leap until 2018, when she founded evolYOUtion on her own. Prior to that, Tori was planting the seeds of significance in others by working in talent development in higher education and corporate settings. Her own evolution started at Central Michigan University, where she received her Bachelors in Communication and her Masters in Educational Leadership. Over the past 15 years, Tori has interviewed over 40,000 individuals and managed thousands, from interns to executives. Tori takes all that experience and puts it into her community of Evolvers to ensure that everyone can hold themselves accountable to be the change they wish to see. You can find Tori either on her boat (hosting Boat & Coach), with her horse, or exploring the Carolina’s with her dogs and fiancé.

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