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Ep 31: Creating a Career with Intention: An interview with Ricky Robinson


Today we are joined by Ricky Robinson to discuss chasing your dream career and how to make moves that fit with your plan. Ricky talks to us about intentionality when considering where you want to go with your job. We dive into the 2-year rule of thumb and how to know when it’s time to make the next move. We also touch on locking in your ideal role as a woman or BIPOC and what to look for when interviewing with a company. Tune in today for great tips about creating your ultimate career trajectory.

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Ricky Robinson is a 25+ year Human Resources Executive. His career has afforded him leadership roles in Human Resources for some best-in-class global organizations spanning industries from commercial goods, retail, smart home industries and med tech.

Ricky is extremely familiar with being the “Sole Brother” on the Executive Leadership Team quite often challenging diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias issues within Corporate America, as an advocate and sponsor for underrepresented groups. He also advocates for several philanthropic causes with Board service at Attles Center for Excellence (ACE), Ability Now Bay Area and the Mary Valle Foundation.

Having spent his career as a mentor and coach, Ricky continues to share the tips and tricks that help underrepresented employees reach their full potential as a co-host of C-CRETS, which is a career advice platform offering career coaching services, online courses and topical content through blogs and a podcast. Ricky also holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Communications from San Francisco State University. 

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