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Alan’s Top Job Search Tip:

Back when I was at Google, Suzie (pseudonym) was interning with us. She was good at her job and got a full-time offer from Google. But she refused it, and that decision always confounded me! Instead, she went to work at Deloitte.

Two years later, I joined Facebook. There, I was building my team. I reached out to a lot of former Googlers and asked them if they had any referrals. I got a lot of suggestions. Surprisingly, one of them was Suzie.

Word on the street was that she wanted to get back into tech, and many people from Google recommended her. So, I reached out to her and interviewed her. Unfortunately, she didn’t nail the interview with me. But she did pretty well with the other 3 people who interviewed her. But I decided to hire her because of her reputation at Google and her strong body of work.

She ended up being one of the strongest performers on my team. She showed a lot of business maturity and was able to manage programs and people and move things forward at an awe-inspiring rate.

But this opportunity came to her because she stayed in touch with her ex-colleagues at Google, which ultimately got her recommended to me on Facebook.

So, if you’re seeking a new job, always reach out to ex-colleagues, friends, and alums to get a referral to the place you want to work.

Referrals will help you to accelerate your career! Even when you don't specifically ask for them yourself.

– Alan

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Empowering Ambitious Professionals: Kadima's Journey to Accelerating Careers2DC4209B-F8F3-4171-909C-2A4D620DCD4C

After spending over two decades at tech powerhouses like Google, Meta, and Salesforce, my understanding of recruitment and the hiring process has evolved dramatically. These experiences have not only widened my perspective but also exposed the personal struggles job seekers face and the unfortunate lack of empathy exhibited by certain companies. My professional journey ignited an unwavering passion to support ambitious professionals in securing great jobs and this very drive led to the inception of Kadima Careers.

In this episode, I handed over the mic to Mary Reilly, Kadima’s External Communications and PR Manager. We discuss how Kadima came to be, the core mission driving our efforts, and our systematic approach to guiding clients toward exceptional job opportunities. Our conversation also spans pivotal job search topics, including debunking myths, leveraging the power of referrals and networking, the significance of post-graduate education, and much more.

Are you ready to reshape your job search and career aspirations? Tune in to gain valuable insights that could redefine your professional path. Listen to the full episode now!

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