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How Long Does It Take For a Company to Get Back to You


How long does it take for a company to get back to you after you submit a resume? The short answer is that every company is different. 

I know the job search process can seem never-ending. Recruiting can be inconsistent, illogical, and inefficient. You submit your resume, eagerly wait to hear back, and then nothing… 

Then, there are other questions about how long that process occurs once the company contacts you.

Usually, companies will get back to you within a week of submitting your application if they are interested. But I've had some get back to me a month later. The most likely scenario is that you will submit your resume and never hear back!

Some companies have portals that show your process of where your resume is and the status, such as Amazon and Microsoft. I submitted an application with Amazon two or three years ago that still says pending. So, I would not count on that.

Here are two things you need to know:

  1. The recruiting process is almost always on a rolling admission. 
  2. There are ghost jobs.

Effective job-search strategies are critical for securing a high-paying and satisfying career. A honed and well-developed approach saves you frustration and increases your likelihood of getting an offer for your desired position.

Apply to Job Postings That are Fresh

Fresh roles are newly posted positions. This is when recruiters are actively looking for candidates.

Turtle Bread Rolls

You want to submit your resume as quickly as possible. So, this means you need to be diligent about knowing when roles are posted.

That's why you need to get a good process going.

  • List at least 40 target companies that cover your must-have considerations.
  • Know what types of roles you’re looking for.

Use your list of target companies to create an accountability tracker for methodically checking their job boards weekly to look for fresh posts. Focus on submitting applications through first-party job boards. Company career pages have the most current information; hiring managers typically check them first.

You can also check on Indeed and LinkedIn, although that's not a failsafe process. If you are going to go through third-party job sites, look out for spooky “ghost jobs.”

Don’t Apply for Ghost Jobs

What are ghost jobs? They are advertised postings that stay online for months, but the company is not really hiring.

Companies feeling budgetary constraints are scaling back on hiring. But many keep job postings up even if they are not actively working to fill those roles. Some have ghost jobs up to:

  • Give the impression that the company is growing.
  • Placate overworked staff.
  • Stockpile candidates for the future.

Regardless of the reason, it can be frustrating as a job seeker. To avoid ghost job postings, make sure to look for three things:

  1. Detailed job descriptions
  2. Specific, such as schedules or a clear list of responsibilities
  3. A time stamp on the job posting within the last 60 day

How to Get a Response From Jobs Hiring

My recommendation to influence the timing and the ability for people to get back to you is to use the power of networking and referrals. The cold-apply strategy has the lowest chance of success since it depends on applying at the right time to the right place for the right role.

You’re wasting your time if you’re applying cold to every job you come across. And you’re not doing yourself any favors by operating without support.

Relationship building is the best technique to get more interviews, much less a response to your application. You can earn referrals that put you further into the job acquisition funnel by leaning onto weak and new ties.

Boosters are people who want to help you. Relationship building is an authentic and genuine process of transforming targets – the people you have weak or no connections with – into boosters.

They can bypass one to two stages and put your résumé on the top of the pile. Three stages of interviews:

  • Recruiting Screen – The recruiter assesses your qualifications and sees if you’re worth the hiring manager's time.
  • Hiring Manager – Hiring manager assesses if you have the experience and if they would like to manage you.
  • Loops (On-Sites) – Behavioral-based questions assess your experience, fit, and approach.

Getting Others to Help With Your Job Search

Getting in front of a human is one of the main hurdles to landing a job. You are in the job acquisition funnel with hundreds – if not thousands – of other applicants. You can leverage your professional assets and create a more impactful impression when you reach out to your existing and new network contacts.

A booster can help you get an interview with a decision-maker. But you must be humble and polite when reaching out to targets. Remind or inform them of how you know them, such as through:

  • Even if you weren’t in the same class, boosters might be willing to stick their neck out for fellow alums.
  • Prior employers. As with schools, you don’t have to be coworkers to utilize this similar experience.
  • Volunteer service and shared interests. Volunteer work is a great bonding connection, and volunteers are also in the habit of helping others.

Don’t be overbearing or demanding; they don’t owe you anything. Don’t send your résumé unless they ask for it.

Likewise, you want to earn a referral, not ask for one. They may agree to recommend you to a hiring manager if asked, but they are more likely to follow through if it’s their idea. 

Remember to send a short but sweet thank you note following the interview. 


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