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My name is Alan Stein. I’m a NY Mets-loving, Brooklyn-based father of three (plus three birds and two dogs.) I spent nearly thirty years in leadership at Google, Facebook, Salesforce, and American Express. And I love helping people rise into great roles at great companies.

My newsletter is called The Kadima XLR8R (a play on “accelerator”) because my mission is to accelerate 1,000,000 careers by 2040 –– and I mean it!

I quit my $515,000 job at Salesforce to help underrepresented and underestimated candidates thrive in Big Tech. I enjoy revealing how top companies REALLY work and how to capitalize on it for your own benefit. And I thrive on telling it like it is, especially with regard to recruiting and DEI (an area I’ve become increasingly passionate about over the last decade living in America.)

The Kadima XLR8R is where I share my latest insights on securing lucrative, life-changing employment.

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