Attention: Underestimated and Underpaid Professionals!

How To Land a 6-Figure Job at a Big Tech Company Within 3-6 Months

Hey! I’m Alan, and as a former leader at Google, Facebook, Salesforce and a top 1% interviewer, I’m ready to share a powerful proven process to land high-paying jobs at a Big Tech companies.

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American Express

In This Training, You’ll Discover:

1. The GROWTH Framework That’s Helped 100’s Of Client Land 6-Figure Jobs

And how you can get one, too, in the next 3-6 months

2. The Top Mistakes That Get Most People Consistently Rejected

And the simple shortcuts to avoid them and be part of the top 1% that get the job

3. Your Detailed Plan & Timeline

The specific, systematic actions that will work.

4. How To Negotiate To Get Paid What You’re Worth Without Blowing It!

You don’t need to be a salesperson to know how to sell yourself

Getting A High-Paying Job Has Changed In A BIG Way…

With an increasingly more competitive landscape than ever before, landing a job in a big tech-company is NOT easy…

Navigating the several-month journey is anything BUT intuitive –– and it can be tough to truly gauge your progress towards the goal.

Join me in this training to uncover a proven path and guidance to be in the top 1% that will make this dream a reality!

This Live Training Is A Must Attend if…

You’re an under represented employee struggling to get to the top positions

You’re just getting started in your career but don’t want to start from the bottom of the ladder

You’re underpaid and know it… But lack a real framework for getting that higher-paying job

A Note From Alan

I’ve been helping people land 6-Figure jobs at the FAANGs companies ever since I left my high-paying jobs for decades.

Being both a top 1% interviewer (with 10K resumes reviewed, interviewing 2K people and hired 200) and top 1% Candidate  (working in companies like Google, Facebook, Salesforce, American Express), I know a thing or two about landing these jobs!

This brand new training is the condensed version of years of trials and tribulations and is boiled down to teach you what ACTUALLY works!

If you’re ready to finally get paid what you’re worth and work at some of the most exciting companies, join me in this BRAND NEW training 🙂

Alan Stein

Alan Stein