Think big company performance reviews are based on merit and fairness?

Come to my talk on Thursday 10/6 at 12pm EST to hear the truth.

Dear Ambitious Professional:

At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to actually give this talk.

There are so many stories from my years at Google, Meta, Salesforce, Tableau and American Express. Some of which could bring real consequences upon me for sharing in a public forum. (One, in particular, that would almost certainly require me to return over $100,000 that I received in an exit package.) However, the more I reflect what I saw behind the scenes in Fortune 500 leadership, the more of a burning desire I feel to share what really goes on. I can’t spill every secret in one sitting, but as the old saying goes, you have to start somewhere!

That’s why, on Thursday 10/6 at 12pm EST, you’re invited to: The Politics & BS of Big Company Performance Reviews

If you work for a large corporation you’re familiar with annual performance reviews.

Companies have used them as key inputs for compensation and promotion decisions for years. Now, though, companies are turning up the heat on using these biased assessment tools to decide who gets “voted off the island.” Meaning not just who gets promoted, but who gets to even stay at the company at all. Two journalists named Mark Matousek and Malique Morris recently wrote an article in The Information that shed light on this dark new reality.

It was a great article and you should Google the whole thing later. When I finished reading it, however, I thought: “this is only scratching the surface of how screwed up things are.” I would know –– in my career, I led or participated in 35 “calibration sessions” across Google, Meta, Salesforce, Tableau, and American Express.

And let me tell you:

Some of what I saw would probably seem like outtakes from the movie Office Space, unless you were physically in the room.

Shameless favoritism. Outrageous bias. Ruthlessly political leaders with nothing (and no one) keeping them in check.

Like I said, I don’t feel totally kosher sharing these stories on LinkedIn or even via my email newsletter.

But if you’re interested in the real deal behind performance management, promotions, and how these decisions are made, I’m ready to spill the beans to a small live group. Sign up and I’ll send you a Zoom link and calendar invite for my private talk on Thursday 10/6. Normally I send replays after my talks, but due to the sensitive topic, I can’t have recordings floating around this time. So if you want to hear this stuff, you need to join me live on Zoom, which I would love if you did.

Alan Stein

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