The Kadima Job Acquisition Method

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A detailed course distilling the advanced job search system of a Big Tech vet.

Looking for a fun job with brag-worthy perks (like Disney vacations, on-site playgrounds, and lobster mac & cheese?)
Ready to increase your annual compensation well into the six figures?
Don’t have the time or money for 1:1 career coaching with me?

Kadima’s Job Acquisition
Method (kJAM) is for you.

The online course revealing The GROWTH Framework that Alan used to rise from Manager → Director → VP → Global Department Head making $500,000 per year.

This course is the next-best-thing to Alan coaching you personally.

In kJAM, Alan distills his entire process for systematically generating lucrative job offers. He gives you detailed insights on every phase of the job search. Establishing goals, selecting target companies, activating your network, reconnaissance and rehearsal for interviews, maximizing comp in negotiations, your first 90 days –– everything. With templates, examples, case studies, and how-to’s that bring everything down to earth so you can get the job you deserve.

Even if you plan to one day join Kadima’s Career Accelerator Program, you will start out at an advanced level with Alan (on day one) by taking kJAM first. Plus –– after you finish the course –– you can request a referral from Alan’s own network to a decision-maker at the company of your choice.

Attention: Underestimated and 

Underpaid Professionals!

How To Land a 6-Figure Job at a Big Tech Company Within 3-6 Months

Hey! I’m Alan, and as a former leader at Google, Facebook, Salesforce and a top 1% interviewer, I’m ready to share a powerful proven process to land high-paying jobs at a Big Tech companies.

All 8 modules are fully available as soon as you join.

Each one is packed with worksheets, templates, scripts, and focused video lessons with specific action steps to drive your search.

The best part: once you complete the course, you can request a referral to a recruiter from Alan’s network. Want to work at Google? Amazon? Microsoft? Spotify? I know decision makers at all these companies and many more. If you’re a good fit, it would be my pleasure to introduce you to someone who can say YES.

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The material in kJAM is strategically sequenced to give you what you need, when you need it––so you can take action and start seeing results

So far, these methods have generated nearly $3,000,000 in incremental compensation for Kadima clients!

Here’s a taste of what’s included in the course:

  • Lifetime access to all 8 career-accelerating video modules
  • Secretly-recorded interviews (so you can see what really happens behind closed doors)
  • Access to the private, members-only Kadima LinkedIn Community
  • Resume templates, interviewing worksheets, and negotiation scripts you can follow
  • The chance to request direct referrals to a decision maker at your company of choice*

In short––kJAM is your personal playbook for securing lucrative, life-changing employment at a top company. Instead of blindly applying, you’ll use Alan’s decades of inside knowledge on how top companies REALLY hire. Plus get directly connected to the decision maker.*

Enrollment in kJAM is open right now. Financial details are on the next page. And you’re protected by a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Join kJAM and start accelerating your career below.